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If You Engage In Pipeline Security, You Will Be Expelled - IPOB to ESN Members

The group said involvement in such exercise, which it described as shameful and debilitating would attract automatic expulsion from the IPOB family.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has issued a serious warning to its members contemplating joining the security outfits securing oil pipelines.

IPOB said any member of its security outfit, Eastern Security Network (ESN) that joins exercises conducted to recruit people to secure oil pipelines will land in trouble.

The group said involvement in such exercise, which it described as shameful and debilitating would attract automatic expulsion from the IPOB family.

In a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB maintained that guarding crude oil pipeline is not and will never be part of its core aims and objectives.

The separatist group observed that the natural resources found in Southeast belonged to its members, Children and unborn generations.

The statement reads: “This public statement goes to every IPOB family member, friends of Biafra freedom and lovers of Biafra freedom across the world.

“Take cognizance that no IPOB member is allowed to get him/herself entangled or involve in the deceptive and dehumanizing issue of pipeline security being dangled by the oppressor before our people presently in our land.

“It has become imperative to make the position of IPOB leadership very clear on this matter and to at the same time sound a note of warning to all IPOB family members as well as ESN operatives that guarding the crude oil pipeline which the Nigerian government uses to steal our natural resources for Nigeria our oppressor is not and will never be part of IPOB’s core aims and objectives.

“Every IPOB member and ESN operative must advise him/herself properly because any such involvement in this shameful and debilitating act amounts to automatic expulsion from the IPOB worldwide family.

“If you are a true hardcore and dedicated follower of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB worldwide family, do not allow yourself to be associated or entangled with the Nigerian government trap in the form of pipeline security guard.

“IPOB is a freedom fighting movement and we have no business working as security guard to our oppressor so that they may continue to suck our natural resources dry to the detriment of our Children and generations yet unborn.

“Those gifts from CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA the Almighty creator belongs to us and we will take over and make it beneficial to our people in due time.

“Those who deemed it necessary to guard the infrastructure the oppressor use to steal from their land and use the proceeds to develop their land to the detriment of the land and people where the resources are found are at liberty to continue in their folly but must leave IPOB out of it.

“We are Indigenous People of Biafra and the natural resources found in our land belongs to us, our Children and our unborn generations.

“Every IPOB member or ESN operative should distance him/herself from the ongoing pipeline security recruitment process.”

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