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Meet Moronke , The Entrepreneur Who Plans To Make An App For Massage Parlors


Here is an interview with top rated Entrepreneur 'MORONKE', who Plans to make an App for massage parlors. Her passion and love for relaxation led to this, get to tap into her views below;

When did you conceive the business idea?

Motherhood, there are some things you will never understand until you experience it. There were some days I wanted to go to the spa for treatment but caring for a new baby was too demanding so I thought why not start a mobile massage business that caters to people who need to relax but is too busy or too tired to leave the house?

If you were to make a lifestyle app for massage parlors in a locality, what will it be about?

A platform where spas can advertise job vacancies and hire massage therapists and massage therapists can be informed about spas hiring for work.

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How has the journey been, in terms of being a female entrepreneur so far?

It’s challenging, being a mother and entrepreneur is an uphill battle but it’s not an impossible task 

Is there any basic secret that helps your consistency?

It’s all a mindset, discipline has helped me be consistent, I show up every day to my businesses even when I don’t feel like it, especially when I don’t feel like it.

Where do you see the Lifestyle business world in some years?

It’s only going to get bigger and better. People are always looking to improve the quality of their life 

How do people contact you? 

Please contact us via the social media platforms

IG - @zenzone_spa

Facebook - Zen Zone

WhatsApp/Call- (+234) 09098627033

TikTok- zenzonespa 


Will you like business grants and support?

Everyone could always use the extra help so yes, it would be nice to get grants and support for my business

Do you feel female entrepreneurs are getting enough spotlight and support so far?

All in due time, we are getting more and more in the spotlight with each passing year. For support, I wish there were more grants for us women to kick our businesses off 

If you could do anything for female businesses, what will it be?

It would be organizing networking and meeting opportunities for various businesses. Two good heads are always better than one 

Any words of encouragement for upcoming business owners?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Entrepreneurship is a journey, you need to enjoy the ride especially when it’s rocky. There are days when you will not be motivated, when things get hard and you will be down, those are the days you must get up and show up. Be consistent, disciplined, and most importantly patient.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I see my business are a global brand in the next five years. I just want to bring a peaceful, stress-free life to everyone in the world.

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