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PODCAST SAGA: BNXN Trades Heated Words with Caremel Plug

Recently, Nigerian singer Daniel Benson, popularly known as BNXN, has been the topic of much debate regarding his views on the podcast Bants Confession.

The podcast, which is hosted by the Instagram comedienne Caramel Plugg and her co-hosts, had shared the opinion that women have men for everything and that any guy who wants her to be submissive should be willing to take care of all her needs.

I liked you better when you were screaming in bonnet - BNXN clashes with Caremel Plug - caramel plugg

This opinion sparked debate on social media and other entertainers, including BNXN, decided to weigh in on the issue.

In response to the opinion voiced on the podcast, BNXN expressed his concern that people who are unqualified are being given access to podcasts to spread  stupid ideas .

In reaction to this comment, Caramel Plugg made a jab at BNXN by bringing up an instance when he talked about how his ex-girlfriend had bought him the most expensive iPhone he had used. In response to this, BNXN said he preferred her when she only released content that made her popular, which entailed shouting in a bonnet in an effort to address societal concerns.

This exchange between BNXN and Caramel Plugg sparked an intense debate on the internet. While many people argued that BNXN was wrong for his comments, others noted that the exchange between the two entertainers was in fact healthy and that it showed that it is possible to express different opinions without resorting to name-calling.

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