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“You Got the Best’ – Seun Kuti Reacts to Tinubu’s Victory

Seun Kuti, the last child of the renowned Nigerian Afrobeat singer Fela, recently broke his silence to give his views on the presidential election that concluded in Nigeria. His comments have shed light on the political attitudes in Nigeria, and the fears and concerns of society.

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Seun Kuti is famous for being outspoken and not caring what other people may think of him. In the lead-up to the elections, he got engaged in a back-and-forth disagreement with Peter Okoye of the PSquare group over who should become the president of Nigeria. Kuti took to Instagram to express his views on the just-concluded elections and the political situation in Nigeria.

Seun Kuti suggested that the electorate was so desperate that they were willing to accept the lesser of three evils when it came to choosing a president. He conceded that while they were at least hoping to get the best of the three candidates, they got one of the best. Kuti pointed out that it is not uncommon for public figures to influence choices in Nigeria despite knowing that they are only thinking about themselves.

Seun wrote,

“When you realize that all your actors musicians , influencers ,comedians, politicians and business leaders are using your resources and support to become British and American citizens so their children don’t exist with yours maybe you will have sense enough to stop allowing them direct your life!!!You wanted the lesser of 3 evils but you got the best! May the best lie win!! Let’s know @mopcentre those ready for the work. It’s starts today!!”


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